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BOWHUNTER 3D is an organization that is bringing together a collaboration of archery clubs to help promote sportsmanship and ethical conduct for Archery 3D shoots in the Berks, Lebanon, Chester and Montgomery county area. Each club will host an Archery 3D shoot every Sunday starting in April and ending the last weekend in August. All shoots are open to the public and there is no commitment to shoot. Shoot at only one club or all the clubs. See rules to qualify for awards.

What Is 3D Archery?

3D archery refers to shooting at 3 dimensional targets made from self healing foam to resemble animals. Targets are usually placed in situations which mimic hunting scenarios. Clubs will setup 3D targets to challenge hunters and for competition for all shooting styles.

Do you need to be a Member to shoot in the league?

No. You do not have to be a member of any of the clubs to participate or shoot at any of the 3D events. All are welcomed to shoot for fun or in the league. We encourage everyone to shoot.

What if I don't want to use a Rangefinder?

Shooters do not have to use a Rangefinder if they choose not to utilize it. It was decided to allow shooters to use rangefinders on the course due to two reasons 1) Most archers use a rangefinder when they hunt, so why not allow the equipment you would use to hunt with to shoot 3D and 2) It is difficult to determine when someone is using a rangefinder on the course or not, so to even the playing field for all completive shooters rangefinders will be allowed.

I have a lens on my Fixed Pin Sight, which Class do I shoot in?

Any lens (scope) on a sight will place the shooter in the Unlimited class. Bowhunter Class can not use any kind of scope on the sight.

I have a 18" stabilizer and Fixed Pins, which Class do I shoot in?

Only stabilizers 12" and under will be in the Bowhunter class anything larger than 12 inches will place the shooter in the Unlimted class.

How does my business become a sponsor of Bowhunter 3D league?

Contact us at Info@bowhunter3d.com for more details.

If I have questions who do I contact?

US Snail Mail : Bowhunter 3D, P.O. Box 201, Robesonia, PA 19551


Phone: 610-585-1055 - Walt

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